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I sent you an order/photo. Did you receive it?

1. All orders generate a confirmation email and can be seen in your DreamHorse account by clicking the Show Order History button.

2. If you uploaded your photo, you should see it appear in a confirmation web page screen in your browser as soon as it finishes uploading. If you have any question about whether it uploaded correctly, there is a link to Review your Uploads.  You can also try again using the SAME Order# as before until you see it appear or you can attach it to an email and send it to us at Please be SURE to put your Horse ID in the subject line of this email.

3. If you are uploading more than one photo for a horse or a replacement, please use the position option (Position 1-4) when you upload. This gives each photo a different name so you don't cover up the first one with the second one. If you tried to upload one over the other and are still seeing the first one, it is probably saved in your browser's history so using the set option will let you see the new one in this case too. You can also try to REFRESH the image using your browser's REFRESH button on the photo.

4. If it has been over 3 days since you ordered: YES, there is a problem with your order or your photo. Most likely, we have not found your photo or your order did not go through. Please try sending or uploading the photo again! We do send out email letting you know that your order is ON HOLD and why, but this does take us a few days if we are very busy. We go through these looking for the photos a couple of times a week and emailing customers requesting photos.

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  • 10-Jan-2021