How do I reported an attempted scammer or spammer to DreamHorse?

We are trying our best to block scammers from using our site. We are currently blocking them by individual email addresses as reported to us by our sellers. If you have received a scammer-response through a DreamHorse ad response, please login and go to the ad responses screen for the horse for which you received the fraudulent response. On the ad responses list, there is a button next to each recorded Ad Response to submit a fraud report to DreamHorse. This will record the email address and IP address used on your ad response in our database of scammers and will block them from sending future responses through our site.

If the response is not recorded in your list, you can still block the email address by using the special manual reporting button at the bottom of the responses page or also located on your main user options screen. You can type or paste in any scammer's email address.

We cannot pursue the matter with authorities for you.

If you wish to pursue this matter further, please submit your report to the proper authorities specified in our User Safety Alert at:

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  • 22-Jun-2018