What is a Temporary Image?

Temporary images may be found on paid photo ads which display the photo temporarily exactly as uploaded by our customer. They are displayed during the time between the order being placed and the order being completed. A human technician will crop/resize/enhance all of our photos. The Temporary Image allows our customer's photos to be seen instantly just as they are uploaded before we complete the order. It can take up to 2 business days to complete an order, but our goal is to complete them within one day. We display temporary images in a pop-up window because customer's uploads are often too large to display correctly in our normal ad template. Temporary images do not count against the photo's 90 (or more) days - it is "free time." The ad will not display a hit counter during this time. Temporary images will only display on ads which do NOT have any kind of current photo or soon-to-be expired photo. They will only show on ads with no permanent photo on our server. When we get to the order and add the final photo, the ad will become NEW again and redisplay in the NEW photo ads listing, the thumbnail will be added, the ad display time will start and the hit counter will start counting. We hope that this free added service is beneficial to our customers and visitors.

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  • 04-Jul-2016