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Send your Video Link to DreamHorse with Example Screens

How to Send Your Video Link to DreamHorse

Example of YouTube Share Button
    • First, upload your video to here (or other video site that offers Embedding)

    • Be sure NOT to set your video to PRIVATE and do NOT disable "Embedding" as we need these options to display it on our site.

    • Click the SHARE button on Youtube (shown above) to see and highlight the SHORT LINK to the video. The link also appears in your browser's toolbar at the top of your browser window.

    • Login to your DreamHorse account and click the SEND VIDEO button (shown below) to send us this LINK. You can also email this link directly to but be sure to include your Horse ID in the email.

    • Also, please be sure you included the video option on your Order. If you missed that step, you can always add a video at any time by ordering the Add Video Only option for $10.
Example of the Send Video button

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  • 04-Nov-2017