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Can I Force Facebook to Show my DreamHorse Photo?

Facebook Sharing Debugger Tool:

Facebook crawls the DreamHorse site regularly for new photos but you can speed up the process! The first time you share a link to your DreamHorse Photo ad on Facebook, it might show a generic banner as your photo. Subsequently, Facebook should show the horse photo from your ad.

Once your order is completed and the final photo is being displayed on your ad, you can force Facebook to “SCRAPE” your ad and display the current photo on your DreamHorse Photo Ad immediately:

  • Copy the “SHAREABLE LINK” from your Photo Ad.
  • Paste this URL/Link into the Facebook Debugger Tool (link above).
  • Click the “DEBUG” button.
  • Click the “FETCH NEW SCRAPE INFORMATION” button.
If your photo changes or your Spotlight Artwork is completed, you can run the debugger again to “scrape” the new image from our site to use on your Facebook Shares.
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  • 20-Jul-2016